Stephen Legawiec
Artistic Director

Stephen Legawiec (Le GAHV yetz), son of composer/violinist Walter Legawiec, found his creativity influenced by his family’s artistic background. He received his BFA in Design and Illustration from Washington University in St. Louis. He did post-graduate work in theatre at both Cornell and Rutgers Universities as well as studying with the American Mime Theatre in New York City under the direction of Paul J. Curtis.

Legawiec, along with Steven Leon, founded the White River Theatre Festival in Vermont in 1988. As artistic director of the festival, Legawiec personally supervised over eighty productions as well as directing twenty; including Hamlet, School for Wives, The Maids and Jungle of the Cities. He has also composed over a dozen theatrical scores including Caucasian Chalk Circle and The Snow Queen. He is also the author of 26 full-length plays, most recently the award-winning Aquitania and the critically acclaimed Red Thread.

In 1991 Legawiec founded the Invisible Theatre Project, an ensemble theatre exploring the origins of theatre using ritual as a dramatic form. He has researched myth and world theatre in Europe, Asia and Africa and is a member of the International School of Theatre Anthropology, under the direction of Eugenio Barba, which studies the nature of performance through culture. The Ziggurat Theatre was founded in Los Angeles in 1996 to continue to explore the relevance of myth and ritual to a contemporary audience.


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