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A Fable based on Norse Myths
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Written and Directed by Stephen Legawiec

Mask Design: by Beckie Kravetz
Costume Design: Robert Velasquez
Lighting Design: Lief Gantvoort
Choreography: Alisa Hawkins
Set, Make-up Design: Stephen Legawiec
Mandolin: Bob Applebaum
Light Board: Dawn Ostlund

Reciter: Kahn Moller
Hlin: Dana Wieluns
Counselor: Tober Sexton
Varhild: Nicolette Vajtay
Odin / Trull King: Christina Taylor
Small Trull / Prophetess: Candace Reid
Tall Trull: Meg Peck
The Norns: Emilia Lindgren, Hillary Millard, Carrie Rossow,
Jaime-Nicole Tanno
Girl: Denise Johhnson / Vanessa Mercado

"Hammergirl is a play based on material from Scandinavian myths. The myth saga of the Ancient Scandinavians concludes with "Ragnarok" an immense battle at the end of time between the Gods and Giants. The Scandinavian view is somewhat unique in that the Gods themselves are destroyed as well as the evil Giants. In spite of the happy ending to our play, this pre-ordained end-of-time disaster hangs over the drama like a thin, but stubborn cloud. A meek queen, Hlin, tries unsuccessfully to resolve an age-old feud between the humans and the Trulls. Varhild, Hlin’s wicked sister, decides to renounce her evil powers and lead her kingdom to peace. But without her powers she discovers she is at the mercy of the Trulls. Hlin finds the courage to save her sister, but not to resolve the feud. Varhild herself does this by freely offering her own life. Varhild and Hlin are the two warring factions of good and evil that must be balanced in all of us."
- Stephen Legawiec


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