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A Fantasy
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Conceived and Directed by Stephen Legawiec

Artistic Consultant: Julia Pearlstein
Mask Design: Beckie Kravetz
Costume Design: Robert Velasquez
Lighting Design: Jason Berliner
Set, Make-up Design: Stephen Legawiec
Light Board: Dawn Ostlund



Candace Reid plays Ninshaba and others.
Dana Wieluns plays Asherah, Quaqsaya and others.
Angela Backman plays Batzabbay, The Magician, The Groom, The Woman in Mourning, The Rat Sister and others.
The Kadin are played by Daryl Dickerson, Hep Jamieson, Myrtle Wood.
"In Ninshaba we wanted to explore what would happen to the myth of the "father hunt" if the genders were switched. The myth of the hero searching for (being united with) the father is a perennial theme which shows up in many diverse cultures. For our play we took two goddesses from the Middle East (Asherah the earth/mother goddess, and Ninshaba, the younger goddess of dreams and prophecy) and devised a story for them. Ninshaba, a girl of the merchant class, dreams in a fever that Asherah, the mother she has never known, will be discovered across a great fantastical desert. Ninshaba crosses the desert and undergoes many trials on her way to see Asherah. She does not meet her mother until she agrees to give up her life. Her act of self-negation is accepted as a sign of devotion and, in the end, Ninshaba is united with Asherah. By this reunion, Ninshaba discovers her own divinity as a goddess."

- Stephen Legawiec


Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble
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