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Written and Directed by Stephen Legawiec

Dance Choreography by Dana Wieluns
Martial Arts Choreography by Tim Storms
Set and Sound Design by Stephen Legawiec
Lighting Design by Leif Gantvoort
Costume Design: Stephen Legawiec, Margaret McCarley, and Robert Velasquez
Original Costumes Created by Margaret McCarley and Andres Diaz
Gold Masks Designed by Beckie Kravetz
Beast Masks Designed by Stephen Legawiec
Stage Manager: Michelle Magaldi
Board Operator: Michelle Bylenga
Publicity by Margaret McCarley
Sound Mixer: Kim Beltran
Assistant Director: Chris Smith
Photos by Ed Krieger


Fibonacci (Narrator):
    Luis Zambrano
The Amah: AnnaLisa Erickson
The Astrologer: Loren J. Rubin
The Lieutenant: Chris Smith
The King: Michael Klock
The Vagrant: Jenny Woo
The Hoop Seller: Lorin Eric Salm
The Kai Dancer: Dana Wieluns
The Empress Ubrazeng:
   Linda Borini
Ensemble: Linda Borini, Gloria Garayua, Gibson, Adrienne Wong

Salamanticus is about an ailing kingdom and three misfits in search of a supernatural book they think will set everything right. The book, The Salamanticus, is supposed to contain all the secrets of the universe but is rendered in a most mysterious manner.


Except for two scenes based on a Washington Irving short story, the plot is completely invented and based on grail myths—in which characters go off in search of a sacred object. The play is narrated by Fibonacci, the real-life 12th century mathematician who derived the Fibonacci Sequence—a string of numbers in which each number is the product of the two previous numbers. The play has to do with the pattern of life that we can’t see and understand, and that our destiny is the product of everything that’s happened before. So the Fibonacci Sequence is a fair metaphor for the play.

A phrase that gets used in the play is ‘the web of destiny’—the concept that people’s lives and circumstances are connected together by circumstances and reasons they cannot understand. I believe that’s true. There are people in my life I’ve kept coming back into contact with for no good reason.

— Stephen Legawiec



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