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The Medicine Show
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Written, Directed and Designed by Stephen Legawiec
Assistant Director: Naila Azad
Miss Tess Borden as Demon/Player
Mr. Ben Gonio as Demon/Player
Miss Tonilyn Hornung as Demon/Player
Miss Constance Hsu as Demon/Player
Miss Alyssa Lupo as the Girl
Miss Beverly Sotelo as Demon/Player
Mr. Mario J. Yates as Demon/Player
Mr. Ogie Zulueta as the Boy

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Professeur Legary’s Miracle Tonic
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"In The Medicine Show we wanted to provide a mythic experience from a distinctly American point of view. As Americans we do not have a culture as do, say, the Greeks, which can be traced back thousands of years. Still, there are things about which a mystique has arisen, and which are endowed with qualities larger than themselves. One of these is the "Old West." A traveling medicine show (a group of actors that performs and sells bottled cures) is stranding in the wilderness because, ironically, all of them are sick. A boy stumbles upon the stranded troupe and decides that demons are causing the sickness – the same demons that plague the boy’s dreams. He battles the demons and cures the troupe, but at the expense of his life. A prop girl brings the boy to life by washing his body. It is a selfless act that her fear had prevented her from doing for the players previously dying. Two heroes, the boy and the girl, each battle their own demons to bring about life."
- Stephen Legawiec


Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble
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