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A Musical Fable of Christmas
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Directed by Stephen Legawiec
Costumes: Robert Velasquez
Lights: Leif Gantvoort
Masks: Beckie Kravetz
Music: Susan Christiansen
Set design: Stephen Legawiec

Orville Scribbet: Dean Purvis
Eurydell: Jenny Woo
Nobbli: Jill Lawrence
Fobbli: Beverly Sotelo
Boo: Dana Wieluns
Bastaglio: James Jaeger
Quince: AnnaLisa Erickson
Countess: Amanda Karr
The Bulgar: Mueen Jahan Ahmad
Annabelle: Michelle Tenazas

Winterquest is inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and the paintings of Maxfield Parrish. In the original myth a man's wife disappears into hell and he must go and bring her back. There are two versions of the original myth. In the most popular, Orpheus finds his wife in hell, but loses her on the journey back. We chose to use the version that sees them both return to earth safely. Our play is set in a seaside village.
Orville (Orpheus) loses Eurydell (Eurydice) through neglect and she vanishes to the isolated island, which is the manifestation of her own loneliness. Three clowns enlist the help of the lonely Orville Scribbet to retrieve valuable cargo that has vanished on the eve of Christmas. With the help of an enchanted sailing ship, the three clowns persuade Orville to help them on an adventure and the journey ends up being the onethat lead him to his wife. And joy and hope are restored to their village upon their return.

Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble
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